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over 1 year ago

Identity for All Hackathon by Microsoft is Ending Soon

Thanks again for participating in this hackathon! We thought we should let you know about the current Microsoft decentralized identity hackathon happening on Devpost right now.


Identity for All

A codefest on the Microsoft Identity platform

Build a Web app or Mobile app or Desktop app or Service or an API, leverage one or many Identity feature areas like Managed IdentityVerifiable CredentialsZero Trust for AppsExternal identitiesGraph APIsWorkload identity federationContinuous Access EvaluationMSAL or any feature set under Authentication and Authorization in any framework, language or cloud of your choice.

Feel free to use only these features or blend them with your own APIs or any other API. 

Prizes: $10,000 in prizes

Submission Deadline: June 30th, 2022